Reduced functionality 2021-12-22

Problems with performance

Some users may have experienced reduced performance today. We are now investigating to find the cause. We apologize if this creates any issues

Reduced functionality 2021-08-31 (Resolved)

Operational problems related to payment agreements

We are now experiencing some operational problems related to payment agreements: Some of the problems concern OCR imports and the creation of new agreements.

We are working hard to correct mistakes. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Reduced functionality 2021-06-03

Problems with ordering process

Due to a misconfiguration during version upgrade, some users experienced problems during order registration in the period 04:19 to 09:30 CET.


Reduced functionality 2021-02-12

Problems with invoice production

Due to a fault in the systems of one of our suppliers, we are experiencing problems with the production of invoices.

Reduced functionality 2020-06-09

We are having some issues with the release of the new version, so customers may have trouble accessing some parts of the system this morning.

Reduced functionality 2020-04-28

Some customers may have experienced a performance degradation today when using payment with credit card.

We have analyzed for the root cause and we see that the PayEx POPS API does not respond within a reasonable timeframe.

Reduced functionality 2020-03-17

Some customers may have experienced a performance degradation between 03.47 CET and 07.46 CET.

We have analyzed for the root cause and we see that the API has not responded as expected, so we have adjusted the setup for diagnosis so that we get more accurate information about the error should it occur again.

Reduced functionality 2020-03-02

Some customers are currently experiencing a performance degradation related to listing and searching for subscribers.

The degradation is caused by the underlying database not performing as expected. We have started work to mitigate the issue, and are analysing the root cause in parallel.


Reduced functionality 2020-02-27

Between 08.15 (CET) and 08.45, some features were reduced in functionality. As a result, some features and APIs may have provided error messages. It also results in some orders being delayed by 1 hour.


Error messages 2020-02-24

Problems opening subscriber

Some people experience problems opening subscribers. We are trying to reproduce the problem and we are looking for errors. The error was first detected 2020-02-22 13:00 CET  and the last recorded occurence is 2020-02-23 18.15 CET.